How to evaluate competencies with Assessment Center?

What is an assessment center?

Also known as the Evaluation Center, it is a tool that can be applied to various objectives within an organization, among which we have the selection of personnel, being that it allows us to evaluate in an experiential way, in groups and through simulated situations, the behavior of candidates in key situations within the area in which they will perform, identify their strengths, potential, training needs, as well as their role as part of the organization as a whole.

How is the process done ?

To carry out an Assessment Center process, it must be taken into account that the culture of the organization must first be known, have defined the competencies of the position to which the candidates are applying, define the exercises to be carried out, prepare the evaluators and finally prepare the corresponding report.

The exercises of this tool should be designed and structured thinking that they should allow evaluating the skills and behaviors required for the position, thereby increasing the ability to predict these aspects. They can be worked as a business game, group discussion (with or without roles), analysis and problem solving, decision making, reporting, etc.

This tool is of special importance in our IPCC Model since it allows us to evaluate the competencies and behavior of the candidates from another perspective, which would not be easily identifiable in an individual interview. Thus, it was originally applied to management positions, middle management and sales force, but with the tendency to increasingly value social competencies, it is necessary to apply it to different profiles to the extent that the cost benefit allows.

Benefits of applying the assessment center

It is worth mentioning that as it is a standardized tool, it allows optimizing the time spent searching for the ideal candidate for the position, as well as obtaining objective, comparable and reliable results , since the evaluators must be people who know how to carry out the process. .

Despite the benefits of applying the Assessment Center, we also have the fact that it may be the case that a person's behavior is not entirely real when he is in a group and under pressure, so again the role of the moderator and observers is very important to get to evaluate in the best possible way the results of the applied activities.

Although it is true the implementation of this tool can represent a high cost for the specialized human team, logistics and time (hours or days) that it implies, it results in a good practice to reach the ideal candidates not only for the position but for the organization, thereby reducing or eliminating the effect and cost of high turnover.