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This sector is one of the engines of the Peruvian economy with a large percentage of growth year after year. We attend not only to its nature of services but to the different subsectors, as varied as commerce, communications, call center etc., we have recruitment professionals who handle the dynamism of the sector in detail.

What professionals does the service sector demand?
Personal Model Management has extensive experience selecting professionals from the service sector, for positions such as:

- ATC Executive
- Sales Executive
- Boosters
- Agent
- Supervisors
- Advisors

Selecting profiles for the retail sector is a safe bet for the growth of your company, it is a complex process due to its diversity and expansion potential.

Personal Model Management has the experience in the sector that will allow you to have the ideal candidate to ensure the growth of your business.

What professionals does the retail sector demand?
Personal Model Management has extensive experience selected professionals from the commercial sector, for positions such as:

- Executives
- Sellers
- Retailers / Merchants
- Area Manager
- Promoters / Promoters
- Supervisors
- Advisors

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