Definitive guide to employing and keeping the best salespeople

How to hire and keep the best salespeople?

Recruiting new employees for our company is never an easy task. It is a meticulous process that we go through to ensure that we have the best possible profiles . This is especially true when it comes to the commercial sector , as being the main income generators, salespeople are a very important part of the company. That's why if you want to build a great sales team, you should apply these strategies to recruit and retain the best salespeople.

1. Define the profile - Identify and design

The process of defining the profile is the first phase in finding good sellers. Here the mission is to define what the company needs from its salespeople and subsequently attract qualified candidates. You can achieve this with these strategies.

Define the target market

By being clear about what type of clients salespeople will have to face and through what means they will do so, we can determine a large number of the skills that candidates must present to be suitable for the position.

Example: if our sales system is done digitally, it should be natural for sellers to interact through these channels. On the other hand, it is also necessary to define whether the salespeople should focus on finding new customers or on strengthening ties with the company's current customers.

Define the job requirements

Clearly defining the skills that the company needs in its salespeople is an important step in the hiring process. Having a professional profile that specifies the level of knowledge, experience required, level of technology management required, and the availability of time required by the position will make the selection process much faster and more effective.

Employ a structured model

So that you do not miss key aspects to consider, you must base yourself on a proven model that defines what we should look for in people. We propose the IPCC Model  which implies defining the competences, skills, personality and knowledge that a position must have:

- INTELLIGENCE: Ability to learn, reason, solve problems and adapt to new situations.

- PERSONALITY: Set of traits and qualities that make up the way of being of a person and differentiate it from others.

- COMPETENCES: Skills and / or capacities that a person has to efficiently fulfill certain functions.

- KNOWLEDGE: Information that is acquired through learning and experience and is used for the performance of functions.

2. Recruitment - Attract the best salespeople

Once the desired profile of salespeople has been defined, it is necessary to attract qualified candidates who meet the requirements that have been raised. To achieve this, strategies such as:

Use networking

Word of mouth recommendations that can be obtained from the company's collaborators are very useful when it comes to finding new sellers. This is because the best salespeople in the company - who must be fully involved in the market - are likely to meet other sales reps who are good too. Designing a profitable and efficient program that makes it easy to refer talented people who share the vision and aspirations of the company is a great way to improve your company's sales team. This can be reinforced with the use of platforms such as LinkedIn.

Present yourself as a good employer brand

Currently launching offers to the labor market with the job description and remuneration is not enough to attract talent; the true way to get more qualified candidates to want to work for us and not for the competition is for the company to present itself as a good place to work, possessors of the best human talent, with a good work culture and many opportunities for its workers. This image must be communicated by various means of promotion, the most powerful being social networks, but above all with the fidelity of the company's actions with what it proclaims about itself.

Apply the active recruitment method

 Recruitment processes should not be limited to moments when there is an open position in the sales area. On the contrary, the company must be willing to receive the applications of candidates constantly. In this way, an agenda will be created that will be made up of candidates who really want to work in the company, to which we can turn when necessary. In addition, it opens the possibility of finding highly qualified candidates that are worth hiring, even if there is no need to fill a vacancy at the moment.

Come up with good compensation plans

It has been shown that one of the main reasons that incentivize sales representatives to seek a new job, in addition to the work environment, is the financial remuneration they receive. Being perceived as one of the main motivators of sales representatives, it is important that the company develop an attractive and innovative compensation program for its workers , so that more talented candidates will be attracted to apply for a job with us. In "sales" you no longer have to pay for "sales", but for the contribution that a seller generates to the business.

3. Recruitment - Retain the best salespeople

If we apply the recruitment strategies well, we will have a good number of candidates to choose from, facilitating the selection. But how do you know which ones are the best?

Evaluate your candidates

There are many evaluation methods, such as interviews, psychotechnical evaluations, reference checking, among others. However, the best way for a sales rep to evaluate it is to see it in action, so giving them a trial period to demonstrate how capable they are of meeting the expectations of the position may be the most effective way.

Accompany them in the incorporation process

Expecting that just by training a salesperson in the company's products and processes that they are ready to achieve results on their own, is a fairy tale. Depending on the complexity of the product or service, you will have to prepare the proposals and visit the first prospects with him, even going so far as to close the first ones yourself to make sure that the salesperson understands the complete process and the style that the company wants to spread.

Stay only with those who meet the demands of the position

 When the evaluations are complete, be sure to only hire those who meet the job requirements and the company's expectations of its sales team. In no way should the aspirations of the company be reduced to fit a candidate or to fill vacancies. You can always start a new recruitment and selection process.

4. Performance management - Maintain a highly effective sales force

Remember that once you have hired the best salespeople, you must work to keep them in your company. For this, apply the following tips:

Provides adequate compensation and recognition

As outlined in the talent attraction strategies, a good compensation program will keep your salespeople happy and motivated. It complies with what is offered, and if for some justified reason it must change, explain it before implementing.

Provide the right tools

Make good salespeople great by providing them with the right resources and technology; This will not only increase their performance, but will also motivate them by feeling that the company meets their needs and cares about making them grow.

Promote stimulating company culture

Giving value to the sales area is not difficult, since they are the ones who generate profits for the company. Giving a special recognition to the successes in this area will reaffirm the confidence of the sellers and their loyalty towards the company.

Offers growth opportunities

Another great way to motivate salespeople and increase their commitment is to provide growth opportunities within their area and in their field of work. Investing in training, extension courses, or motivational workshops is a good idea to keep a high-performing sales team.

Turn work into meaningful work

A great way to generate engagement for your employees is by making them feel that their job is more than making sales, but growing the business. Encourage them by showing them the numbers that really explain what they are helping to achieve.

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5. Disengagement - Learn from experience

Like all collaborators, a salesperson will hardly stay in your company for life. Talk to the retiring:

Thank the best for all their effort and ask them what else you could do to make others like them want to stay with the company.

Inquire with those who leave the company with low results to see what elements they consider they lacked to produce more. These are the opportunities you will have for future sellers to have more tools.

As you may have seen, having good salespeople requires working on various aspects throughout your stay with the company , but doing so will pay off your investment of time and effort anyway. Do not forget to establish constant and simple metrics that help to understand the performance of the sales team and explain all these aspects to the entire organization, since having good salespeople is not the job of the HR area, but of the entire company.