5 reasons for staff turnover in your company

Within companies , staff turnover is something natural and healthy, since it allows the renewal of talent; However, excessive staff turnover is a bad sign that should concern organizations and their Human Resources areas, since it means a serious drain of human talent that hurts businesses in various aspects.

Disadvantages of excessive staff turnover

A company with a high rate of staff turnover faces a series of difficulties as a result of the constant change of workers, such as:

  • Excessive investment of money and work in the constant recruitment, hiring and training of new workers.
  • Deterioration of teamwork within the company.
  • Productivity reduction due to acclimatization periods for new workers.
  • Negative impact on business culture.
  • Bad image as an employer brand.
  • Loss of good employees with skills and experience.

If we want to prevent our company from falling into this, it is essential to know the main reasons for excessive staff turnover and to improve our talent management.

These are the main reasons why you could rotate the staff in your company:

1. Inadequate recruitment and selection process

Many times the problem lies at the beginning of the employment relationship. If a specification of the profile of the position to be hired has not been given, it is likely that the worker who occupies it is not the right one for the position. For this it is necessary not only to look at the applicant's CV, in recruitment and selection there is still much to discover because we are talking about the process to evaluate people, but so far, we have identified that there are 4 elements that are worth concentrating on :

We propose the IPCC Model that implies defining the competencies, skills, personality and knowledge that a position must have:

- INTELLIGENCE: Ability to learn, reason, solve problems and adapt to new situations.

- PERSONALITY: Set of traits and qualities that make up the way of being of a person and differentiate it from others.

- COMPETENCES: Skills and / or capacities that a person has to efficiently fulfill certain functions.

- KNOWLEDGE: Information that is acquired through learning and experience and is used for the performance of functions.

2. Work environment

One of the main reasons a worker decides to leave the company is if they do not feel comfortable in it. We must bear in mind that people spend almost a third of their time working, so we must ensure that interpersonal relationships, group dynamics and with bosses and supervisors are pleasant and stimulating. Workers must feel integrated with each other and identified with the company so that they enjoy their work and do not see the need to find a new job.

3. Unfair remuneration

Another big factor that influences people's decision to keep a job is money. As entrepreneurs it is unwise to skimp on the pay of our employees, since it is thanks to their efforts that the company works as it should, so we cannot risk our staff leaving us to find other better paid positions.

It is very important that the recognition we give them is also reflected in their salaries. By this we do not mean that it is mandatory to give all staff a large increase, but we must always consider that the payment that employees receive should be proportional to their effort, responsibility and results.

4. Personal and professional growth

A worker who is frustrated at work will soon leave. People constantly seek to improve themselves and grow professionally and personally, so we must make sure that in the company they can have access to development opportunities, otherwise, they will be demotivated, they will reduce their performance and finally they will choose to look for a job that offers them greater opportunities growth.

5. Poor working conditions

No matter how capable an employee is, they will not perform well if they are not provided with the proper work spaces and tools. Working in this condition will end up frustrating our employees and reducing their motivation, which will ultimately cause them to leave our company.

Nobody said that it was easy to keep staff motivated enough to contribute to your company, but it will definitely be worthwhile to constantly work on all the above aspects to keep the talent within the organization.