5 Criteria for Choosing a Human Resources Consultant

What to consider in a Human Resources Consultant?

Outsourcing is a management tool that allows you to entrust a third party with a function that is not part of the core business of your organization.

Currently, several of the human resources functions are already outsourced, with recruitment and selection (R&S) being one of the most requested, mainly for two reasons ( here the full justification):

  • In a large number of companies, the recruitment of personnel is temporary, so it is not justified to have a team dedicated exclusively to this.
  • The selection of people is a complex process and therefore it is best to entrust it to a specialist.

This function, also known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing ) It is provided as a service by a large number of companies, which in Peru are often called Human Resources Consultants . Given the wide variety of offers in this regard, it is necessary that you take into account some criteria to choose the right provider:

Experienced HR Consultant

Identifying the real profile of a person is an extremely complex process and even though there are several tools for this today, it is still far from being an exact science. In these cases, intuition definitely plays an important role and this is basically acquired with experience.

On the other hand, the fact of having evaluated a large number of people for similar positions or profiles, in any case allows a selection analyst to better understand which variables they must look at to understand the person evaluated.

With all this, it is key that you make sure that the supplier selected to entrust the recruitment and selection of your collaborators has experience in positions similar to the ones you are looking to hire. And since experience does not necessarily ensure effectiveness, it is essential that you request references from previous clients, who will be able to validate how well they did with this consultancy .

Evaluate the technical capabilities of the consultant

It is clearly necessary that you understand the methodology, tools and other resources that the supplier will use to carry out the recruitment and selection process.

For example, it is important that you know what sources it uses for the publication of calls and even review some of those that have previously been created to validate the clarity with which it calls applicants.

Although those of us who hire this type of services are not necessarily experts in psychology, it is not so difficult to understand the coherence between the psychotechnical tests that the provider would apply and the results that are intended to be produced, in order to verify that there are good possibilities of identify the correct profiles.

It goes without saying that when it comes to evaluating people, a differentiating element is that a Human Resources consultancy is constantly researching behavioral issues and innovating in selection techniques (such as our IPCC Model ). Today, for example, it is not enough to select personnel based on a CV (in any case, for this, it makes no sense to outsource).

Personal Model Management Human Resources Consulting Processes

Take into consideration the Deadlines

An HR consultancy usually takes between 2 weeks (basic profiles) and 3 months (senior management) to find a suitable candidate for a position. Within these time ranges the offer is very varied.

More important than speed, it is definitely effectiveness, which we can achieve by validating experience and technical capabilities. However, if you have limited deadlines, you must clearly choose those providers that can accommodate your times.

But remember, a person is not a resource that can be "produced" in a standard time. The time invested in the beginning (not only in recruitment and selection, but also in induction), will definitely pay off later.

How much does it cost to work with a Human Resources consultancy?

In the market, these services are usually charged as a function of the salary (or integral remuneration) of the employee to be hired. For operational positions, it is usually charged between half a salary (when high volumes are requested) and a full salary (for one or a few positions), while for the more managerial positions the prices range from 1.5 to 2 monthly salaries.

As in the terms, the offer is very varied within each range, with which there are prices for all budgets, so we suggest that more than looking for the cheapest provider, try to choose the one that shows the most value for the price offered. For example, some of them offer interesting added values, such as job references, financial situation reports, among others.

If you are thinking that it is expensive to invest the value of a remuneration in the selection of a person, with the idea that perhaps it is better to do it yourself, think this other way: is it not worth reducing the risk of hiring one person to avoid that after three months (three salaries) you realize that it was not what you were looking for and almost did not produce anything?

Guarantee in case the chosen candidate does not remain in the position

No matter how much experience and technical capabilities a consultant may have , there is always the possibility that the selected candidate will not remain in the position because they did not perform as expected, they were not satisfied with the functions they were entrusted with, or there was no fit with the organizational culture of the company. Except in the last case, in the other two the provider in charge of the recruitment and selection process must guarantee that they will cover the position, at no additional cost, up to a specified period of time.

These guarantee periods fluctuate between 2 weeks (operational profiles) and 6 months (managerial profiles) and even though you might think that the higher the guarantee the offer is better, clearly no one wants to spend it receiving candidates who enter and leave the company every month. company, due to problems with the selection.

In conclusion, when choosing a consultancy, do not pay too much attention to the terms, prices and guarantee (enough that they are in the market ranges), but rather focus on checking the experience and technical capabilities of the provider.

Luis Chavez Cabello