What is the importance of profiles in the commercial area of ​​a company?

Carrying out the search, recruitment and selection of a collaborator for your company is a very important process and we could even say that it is decisive since it depends on whether you can have someone who meets your expectations, but also the person you select feels that they have found the job opportunity you were waiting for. The latter has a lot to do with the current trend in the labor market, in which people are increasingly selective when deciding which company they want to work for.

The first step to start the process of finding the ideal collaborator is to build the profile of the position and doing it properly can give us greater effectiveness and success. When making it, you must consider a balance between the defined requirements and characteristics and the possibilities of finding it in the market.

Now, at the level of a company we can say that commercial management is key since it generates business opportunities and provides after-sales support to keep customers loyal. In this sense, in the case of business ventures, the labor demand for positions or business profiles is even more relevant since it is necessary to grow as quickly as possible and sustain said growth. Thus, we see a high mortality rate of ventures that fail because they do not achieve their objectives, which is generally due to not having selected the appropriate talent for commercial management.

The first step to start the process of finding the ideal collaborator is to build the profile of the position and doing it properly can give us greater effectiveness and success.

Depending on the type of business and size of the company, we see different commercial profiles, among which we can mention: salespeople, commercial advisers, customer service, sales promoter, sales representative, sales supervisors, sales managers, Sales Managers, etc. ., but the common denominator in all of them, with different levels of development, is that not only must they know well the product or service they offer, but they must also have the appropriate personality, intelligence and skills to achieve empathy and trust with the client .

In our experience, we see that very few of the job applications received for the commercial area conform to the defined profile, so the new selection approach should be paying more attention to the aspects we have mentioned. As an example, we can have a candidate with studies (academic requirement) and years of experience (we even set minimum time) but whose personality and skills do not match what the company expects in terms of the objectives of the position but also its values and culture.

This means that the company must have a methodology to be able to identify the talent it needs for the commercial area, since the skills and competencies of a commercial profile that interacts through the telephone channel are not the same as for the one that does it. in person.

The costs of losing a client and having a high turnover in the commercial area are very high if we consider everything that is involved, so it is worth giving due importance to selecting the ideal candidate, even more so if you are starting a business or growing. with your company.

This approach goes hand in hand with managing the satisfaction not only of customers but also of the organization's collaborators, since it will be a virtuous circle, generating solid human relationships.

In other words, it does not require a customer service area, but that all members of the organization are "customer service" at all times and places, with which a satisfied customer will return to use your services or products and give a good opinion about your experience with the company's brand.

Javier Medina